Listen to the world’s better poetry read out loud

Listen to the world’s better poetry read out loud

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You might be Breathtaking

You’re breathtaking since you end to read new cards in newsagents’ screen in the shed pets and you may forgotten animals. I’m unattractive on account of everything i did to this jellyfish which have good lolly-stick and you will an enormous brick.

Unattractive particularly he could be, Gorgeous such as for example hers, Stunning including Venus, Unsightly particularly their, Breathtaking instance she’s, Unattractive such as for instance Mars.

You happen to be gorgeous as you believe in coincidence additionally the fuel out of believe. I’m unsightly while the We turned-out God becoming an analytical impossibility.

You happen to be gorgeous because you prefer household-produced soup towards packet articles. I’m unappealing since the shortly after, from the a dinner party, I defended new aristocracy and you can was not even intoxicated.

You’re beautiful as you can’t work brand new remote. I’m unattractive due to satellite tv and twenty-four hour going news.

Ugly particularly he is, Stunning instance hers, Gorgeous including Venus, Unsightly instance their, Gorgeous particularly she is, Ugly such Mars.

You are stunning since you scream from the wedding receptions including funerals. I am unattractive because the I believe of kids since the various other species of a special industry.

You may be gorgeous because you look great in just about any along with plus yellow. I’m unsightly while the I do believe looking is exactly toward order away from matter products.

You will be beautiful because when you used to be created, undiscovered worlds in line in order to peep along the rim of one’s cradle and you may put gifts regarding gravity and you can light at the little ft. I am unappealing having claiming ‘like in the beginning sight’ is an additional sort of misleading term, which the absolute most individual of the many responses will be to gloat.

Unsightly particularly he’s, Stunning such hers, Breathtaking such as for example Venus, Unsightly such their, Gorgeous instance the woman is, Ugly such Mars.

You might be stunning given that you have never heard of within an automible-clean. I’m unappealing as the I usually inquire about a bill.

You happen to be breathtaking to have sending a box from footwear with the 3rd world. I am ugly given that From the the device numbers of ex boyfriend-girlfriends while the 12 months Schubert was born.

You may be gorgeous since you backed an effective parrot during the a beneficial zoo. I am unattractive since when I sigh it’s such as the sluggish collapse away from a circus tent.

Unappealing particularly he or she is, Breathtaking such as hers, Gorgeous instance Venus, Unattractive instance his, Beautiful for example she’s, Unappealing such as Mars.

You happen to be beautiful because you can section at a guy when you look at the a great consistent and you may laugh. I am unattractive since I happened to be a police informer into the a past lifestyle.

You are breathtaking as you drink a litre from liquids and you may consume three pieces of good fresh fruit day. I am unappealing to take brand new range you to a meal rather than meats is actually a lovely woman having one attention.

You will be breathtaking since you never pick like because a competitor and you can you probably know how to get rid of. I am ugly given that I kissed the fresh FA Mug upcoming stored it doing the crowd.

You will be gorgeous because of just one buttercup regarding top buttonhole of your own cardigan. I’m unsightly as I told you the Earth’s Strongest Girl is actually a beneficial muscleman inside the a dress.

You’re beautiful because you didn’t live in a great lighthouse. I’m unsightly to make hands-shadows in front of the large light bulb, and when they look right up, new captains out of vessels for the worry comprehend the ears regarding an excellent rabbit, or perhaps the attention away from good fox, and/or foot out-of good galloping black colored pony.

Ugly particularly he or she is, Stunning like hers, Gorgeous such as for example Venus, Ugly like his, Breathtaking such this woman is, Unsightly such Mars.

Unappealing eg he could be, Gorgeous like hers, Beautiful for example Venus, Unsightly such as for instance his, Breathtaking particularly the woman is, Unsightly particularly Mars.

I immediately following discover one to poem for the Liverpool and you can a woman appeared as much as myself after and you will told you, ‘Don’t be concerned, I am unsightly as well.’

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