The Heebee-jeebees become: Cedric Blary, Chris Herard, Ken Lima-Coelho and Jonathan Fancy

The Heebee-jeebees become: Cedric Blary, Chris Herard, Ken Lima-Coelho and Jonathan Fancy


The Heebee-jeebees were an a cappella quartet established in 1993, and also in yesteryear 13 ages need sung thousands of shows, showed up on local, national and international broadcast, tvs and printing. The people has a reputation for being hilarious, interesting and extremely talented. The Heebee-jeebees posses revealed 6 tracks, all to intercontinental popularity including 4 CARA nominations and 2 CARA Awards. They will have acquired the Canadian Championships of equilibrium two times, plus titles in the united states. They continue to wow and amuse readers employing sounds, and tend to be regarded the very best of comedic a cappella activities. . . NOTE: Some wrong spellings of Heebee-jeebees is: .. ..heebie geebies.. ..heebee jeebies.. ..heebie jeebies.. ..heebee jeebees (needs the – ).. .. These are generally placed here and so the search engines like google choose our profile.

Residence Complimentary

A cappella. It really is officially whatever you would. But we’re not your own bow-tie barbershop quartet. We’re a vocal group. Therefore we would above sing – we play – engaging visitors in a wealthy blend of harmonies while enjoyable them.

Home Free features carried out for a varied and extensive customers, which range from the Minnesota Vikings, to lot of money 500 firms, star and Norwegian cruise companies, Allied performance touring services, the Dutton Family from Americahas skill and lots of, many others. In addition it devotes it is time to educating and promoting musical in community institutes through innovative courses and performance fundraising. Up to now, the training have already raised tens and thousands of dollars for schools in Minnesota.


We’re a singing musical organization situated in San Francisco, CA. We execute increased stamina combination of amazing singing percussion, thriving bass and yelling four-part harmony that will be certain to bump you ! We ask one to pay attention to all of our tune films, have a look at the newer album, and signal our guestbook. We hope observe you quickly at one of our concerts!

We had been lately friends on a bout of the advancement station plan MythBusters, in which we attemptedto create a fire by singing at it. Try to find re-airings on the episode titled sound Flame Extinguisher about advancement Channel.

Quarters Jacks

Our home Jacks of San Francisco are earliest rock-band without tool. Using simply their own five voices (and mouths), they create sets from blistering funk to shouting stone to heart-melting ballads with their ever-growing legions of fans.

These pioneering musicians bring performed over 1,000 series and just have discussed the period with some of this biggest names in sounds, having performed for live crowds of people of 100,000+, with shows on no less than 3 continents each and every year.

They can be heard on flick soundtracks and their jingles for from radio stations to amusement parks have now been read (and viewed) by millions throughout the world. The home Jacks of San Francisco would be the earliest rock band without products. Utilizing nothing more than her five sounds (and lips), they bring anything from blistering funk to yelling stone to heart-melting ballads for his or her ever-growing legions of lovers.

Hyannis Audio

Based in 1994, the Hyannis noises business strives to offer a once-in-a-lifetime event for teenage boys exactly who fill its ranking each summer time. Through their particular experiences making use of cluster, these people gather useful skills in abilities, company administration, and music path. While expanding as individuals, additionally they shape many relationships and turn into people in a brotherhood that final an eternity.

The sounds gathers each and every year around Memorial time, and spends summer time carrying out at private and general public features throughout the Cape as well as the higher Northeast associated with the U.S. Whether performing at a graduation party, certainly one of their unique weekly series, or road performing, the Hyannis noise is designed to offer exclusive and interactive activity event that keeps their people coming back again for much more.

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